Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholders of NDB group include employees, customers/consumers, suppliers, and shareholders, etc. To enhance the communication channels for all, the contact mailbox of the stakeholders is provided as follows:

Employee Complaints of all interested parties

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Supplier Bank

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General Accounting Department: 這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看


Customer/Consumer Community:

Marketing Division-1: 這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看 這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看


General Manager's Office: 這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看



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Main Concern Issues

Means of Communication, Frequency, and Response

2020 communication performance

Competent Authority

●Compliance and Corporate governance

●Consultation window

●Participate in the advocacy of laws and regulations of the competent authority from time to time, strengthen corporate governance and compliance with regulations, and set up contact window with the competent authority to maintain good interaction.

●The company's main contact for Taiwan Stock Exchange:

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●Participate in 4 publicity conferences held by the Stock Exchange. (including online)

●More than 94 electronic official letters from the competent authority.


●Information disclosure and transparency

●Shareholder participation and market position

●Monthly/quarterly announce financial/business information on the company's website and TSE Market Observation, revealing complete information for public inquiries.

●Disclosing important information on the company's website and TSE Market Observation from time to time to help investors understand the company's operating conditions and profitability.

●A Shareholder convention is held every year to communicate face-to-face, through the convention we are able to fulfill our responsibilities to shareholders.

●At least held an Institutional Investors’ Conference a year.

●Set up a regular service system and the spokesperson/deputy spokesperson will reply to investor’s questions from time to time.

●Have an excellent and professional management team to enhance the company's competitiveness and level.

More about our management team:

Brand Inquiry:

●Investor relations consultation window:

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●A regular shareholder meeting was held on June 22, 2020.

●On October 13, 2020, was invited to participate in an institutional investors’ conference.

●Release 26 major messages in both Chinese and English.

●E-mail reply to 10 questions.

●Responding to about 20 shareholders’ calls.


●Labor Relations

●Employee’s welfare and health care

●Business performance and communication

●Personnel training

●Human rights equality

●A labor-management meeting is held once a quarter to enhance the relationship between employers and employees.

●Birthday party every two months; an employee welfare committee meeting every quarter; an employee health check-up once a year.

●Executive meeting once a week; business meeting and management meeting once a month; irregular team/cross-department meeting; annual performance appraisal and interview.

●Supervisor training once a month; employee training within one month of new recruits; irregular professional ability training.

●Annual internal satisfaction surveys, also provides employee complaint mailboxes and special lines to promote smooth communication channels and equal employment opportunities for employees.

●Consultation window for employee-related issues: 這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看

●Four times labor-management meetings were held in 2020, and mutual parties communicated with each other to protect the rights and interests of employees.

●A birthday party is held every two months:

In 2020, the birthday party was suspended due to the impact of the COVID-19, and it will be decided to resume it in the future depending on the pandemic situation.

●Convene a meeting of the employee welfare committee every quarter:

In 2020, the Employee Welfare Committee was convened four times. The main topics were annual employee travel, holiday bonus, birthday gifts, year-end party, etc., to care about employee’s welfare and well-being.

●Annual employee health check:

In August 2020, the employees' health check and health consultation were completed.

●Supervisor meeting every week:

A supervisor meeting is held every Monday.

●Monthly business meeting and business management meeting:

Through a monthly meeting to understand the performance of business and the company's operating status.

●Irregular organization/cross-departmental meetings:

Through meetings to discuss, communicate, improve and solve cross-departmental issues.


●Performance appraisal and interview once a year:

In February 2020, the regular performance appraisal of the previous year was carried out; promotion and salary adjustment were implemented in July of the current year.

●Supervisor training once a month:

Conduct supervisor training at the end of every month to enhance supervisors' professional knowledge.

●New personnel training:

Each new colleague shall participate in employee training within a month of employment, and plan a work schedule.

●Irregular professional training:

Held internal and external seminars from time to time to enhance the professional knowledge.

●Conduct employee internal service satisfaction surveys every December to improve the quality and efficiency of cross-departmental services.

●The company has a good labor-management relationship. In 2020, there was no labor dispute or related losses.


●Information Security

●Customer protection, communication and service

●The front-end hardware firewall prevents viruses and hackers, and performs equipment inspections several times a year.

●Perform back-end data backup every day.

●From time to time, we will transfer customer needs to professional sales personnel of various brands, and provide immediate and professional consulting services for each brand in NDB group to meet customers' needs for one-stop shopping.

●Respond to E-mail questions from all parties quickly and effectively every day, solve customers' difficulties, and minimize the occurrence of related customer complaints; in addition, customers perform satisfaction surveys from time to time to improve service quality.

●Brand inquiry and customer consultation window:

這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看
這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看

●The company's hardware firewall prevents viruses and hackers, and checks the equipment every year.

●Daily data backup.

●Inform customers of the market trend and original delivery status, and update product information at all time.

●Daily reply customers’ emails, if there are product quality issues, will be handled with the supplier to reduce customer complaints.


●Supplier sustainable management

●Supplier information acquisition and communication

●Review supplier certification regularly, evaluated suppliers of good manufacturers to give recognition, mutual support between the two sides to create a win-win situation.

●Sign purchase contracts regularly to protect the company's interests.

●Seminars are held from time to time to get the latest product information in real time to facilitate marketing.

●Monthly meetings are held for both parties to communicate and acknowledge market trends; irregular meetings are held to discuss strategies immediately in response to market status.

●Brand inquiry and supplier consultation window: 這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看

●Every 2 years, all trading vendors including reprocessing plants are evaluated. It has been completed in 2019 years, and they are all qualified vendors. The next evaluation time is 2021.

●Expired contract manufacturers in 2020 have completed the new contract.

●The company will have seminar once new products are launched by suppliers.

●Monthly meetings with suppliers to communicate with each other in response to market changes in order to formulate countermeasures.


●Integrity management and information transparency

●Information Security and Risk Management

●Service quality, relationship maintenance and sustainable business planning

●Financial business information will be announced on a monthly basis, financial reports will be announced on a quarterly basis on the company website and Market Observation Post System, revealing complete financial information for bank inquiries.

●Regularly update the anti-virus software and strengthen the firewall to prevent viruses and hackers, and perform several equipment checks to ensure the installation and the function of the Internet Bank.

●Update Internet Bank’s password from time to time.

●Use telephone or communication software and E-mail to confirm the correctness of relevant procedures and documents with the bank.

●Participate in lectures, forums or seminars held by banks, and maintain good interaction.

●Meet with banks at least once a year to communicate with each bank about credit renewal, maintaining a good relationship between the two parties, and strive for better conditions for loans in order to meet the company's business expansion needs.

●Bank relations consultation window: 這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看

●Financial information was announced regularly (monthly and quarterly) and irregularly.

Carried out anti-virus inspections on monthly basis.

●Updated the bank password on the first half of the year.

●At least 10 times a week to contact to the bank by phone or email.

●Participated in foreign currencies hedging related meetings with total 7 times.

●Had 15 visits with banks.


●Environmental hygiene

●Community traffic safety maintenance

●Community charity feedback

●Compliance with laws and regulations

●Actual act on garbage classification to reduce pollution, regular environmental disinfection, and introduce a ban on smoking in fixed-area.

●Publicize traffic diversion and various traffic safety measures irregularly.

●Donate green plants and establish recreational spaces for community.

●Regular fire drills, established and formatted a fire brigade, planned a community safety escape route.

●Regular inspection and declaration of extinguishment equipment.

●Community Relations Consultation Window: 這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看









●It was announced on September 11, 2020 that garbage must use transparent garbage bags before throw in the garbage trucks.

●Environmental disinfection twice a year:

It was completed on January 12, 2020 and July 15, 2020.

●Lane control for consecutive holidays of Ching Ming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Double Tenth Day.

●Large plants are used for shading places in the recreation areas of the factories.

●Fire drills and preventive escape exercise every six months.

●The agent of the committee and the Xindian branch of fire department held a meeting on the impact of the wave plate and canvas covering the foam extinguishing system and affecting the fire safety.

●Added 1 to 2 fire alarms in each factory.

Communicate status with stakeholders has been reported to the Board of Directors on November 12, 2020.